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Remote Learning

Our remote learning platform is Google Classroom.

Each of our pupils has a google email account that they can use to access Google classroom. Homework and any sessions of remote learning (either due to Covid 19 or individual pupil illness) are posted on Google classroom as a task.

Pupils can interact with their teachers via GC, they can also submit work and receive feedback it as well as taking assessments and receiving the marks they achieved.

To access your child’s Google class follow this link www.google.co.uk You will need your child’s school email address (a google one) and their password (which they will have been given by their class teacher) to do so. On the top right hand side of the window you will see the login section.

Once logged in you will need to click the waffle (the little square of 9 dots) which shows the available Google Apps. Next you need to click Google Classroom, this will then reveal your child’s allocated Google Classroom.