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Committed to excellent standards of teaching in partnership with a variety of local and national organisations contributing towards system-wide improvement.

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Platform: APP for IOS and Android

Aim: To ensure every primary school in the UK is free from rubbish!

Rationale: There is simply too much rubbish in the institutions where our children spend the majority of their week SCHOOLS - it's not good for them - it doesn't look good - and it's not good for nature and wildlife

Target audience: All Primary school children in the UK aged 7-11 (beyond that the World!)

Target venues: All Primary schools in the UK - then every shopping mall, fast food restaurant and leisure attractions



Creators: Kayden Deery and Zac Klyen

Logo designer: Charlie Williams

Presenters: Charlie Williams and Zac Klyen

Assistant designers: Jess Bathurst, Grace Powell and Annie Rudy


How will REEPQR SWEEPQR solve the problem?

  • create a rewarding system that will motivate school children to ensure their school is clear of rubbish
  • allow children to earn points that can be converted into prizes
  • allow pupils to pass through various milestones on their way to being a Double diamond REAPQR SWEEPQR

Future plans

Once REAPQR SWEEPQR is established and making an impact in schools we aim to rollout to major fast foods restaurants, leisure industries and major sporting venues. We hope to forge a link with either a major fast food restaurant or leading digital innovation company.


Have a look at REAPQR SWEEPQR in action