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IT (Computing)

Curriculum Intent

We are living in an era where technology is used both in personal and professional lives. Through our computing curriculum at Ardley Hill Academy, we aim to deliver well-balanced lessons, which are accessible to every child, that will give our pupils the ability to embrace new technology that they are introduced to in a safe and responsible way. They are taught to be independent, confident learners which enables resilience in all challenges they encounter.

The curriculum has been specifically chosen to enhance engagement from pre-school to the end of their time at Ardley Hill. We want our children to be aspirational with their choice of career opportunities in this ever-changing digital world. Communication is a vital life skill which children will need in the wider world and this curriculum is built with a plethora of opportunities to develop it in a variety of creative ways. With support of this curriculum and within other areas of teaching, we at Ardley Hill prepare our pupils to be respectable members of the wider global community, ensuring they know how to keep mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially healthy whilst using ever-expanding technology.


Computing Progression at Ardley Hill Academy

IT Learning Journey