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Design Technology

Academic fingerprint

  • Making and creating to find solutions or to innovate.
  • Understanding of how DT can impact on daily life and the wider world.
  • To use specific tools, processes and equipment to create an intended effect. 
  • Understand technical effects and how to integrate these into products.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of their product in terms of how well it solves a problem or meets the intended design brief.

Curriculum Intent

At Ardley Hill Academy, the curriculum has been designed to provide opportunities for children to reach their potential by developing their basic design and making skills set within a real life practical context.

Open ended tasks encourage children to ‘think outside the box’ and strive to produce the best design or product. They are given time to come up with practical real-life solutions to problems through a trial and error approach to improving their designs.

All pupils leave Ardley Hill Academy being resilient learners and able to communicate their ideas effectively. They are engaged in solving real life problems through trying out their designs. They also have a knowledge of all the food groups and how our foods are produced. Alongside their cookery skills this will enable them to be more independent in living a healthy lifestyle.