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Headteacher for the Day 2017

Harry won the chance to be Headteacher for the day and did an amazing job of organising the Academy. As part of his duties, Harry held an assembly and awarded certificates for star of the week and announced house point winners. Harry also completed a learning walk around the Academy into every class and made a report. Harry sat in Mr Smith’s office at his desk dealing with the everyday tasks that come his way. Harry enjoyed watching the 4+ doing their dance routine they have learnt.

Headteacher Day 17



We have received a letter from the Poppy Appeal Organiser for Dunstable thanking the Academy for our contribution to the Appeal.


We received a lovely email from MovieTots Central Beds after visiting our school:

Hi Natalie

I just wanted to say the first couple of weeks working with your school has been an absolute delight.

The Staff are very friendly, accommodating and eager to help out as much as possible. I have never come across a school with such a positive atmosphere.

The children are a credit to your school. They are very well behaved, eager to learn and there are definitely some budding stars, directors and camera crew amongst them. We were extremely impressed with their home made Minecraft Character heads too which also reflects on how good the parents are and we have found them to be very friendly too.

I know it isn’t very often that a school receives positive feedback from outside organisations but I do feel that it should definitely be given where it is due.

We look forward to continuing our club with you.

Many Thanks

Emma & Iona
Directors of Business
MovieTots Central Beds

On Monday 5th September the Mayor helped celebrate our re-opening.

ReOpening Sep 16

stop stressing me out

Dunstable Mayor Visit


Ardley Hill were very honoured when the Mayor of Dunstable, Councillor Jones visited us on Tuesday 10th May.

Councillor Jones had a tour of the school and got to speak to the children during their lessons.

After that, she met with Mr Smith and Mrs Read and a range of children from different year groups to answer questions and have tea and a slice of cake!

Here are a few pictures of the question and answer session and the questions that were asked and the answers Councillor Jones gave.

Mayor visit
Mayor Questions and Answers

Martial Arts Display


Eight children from Ardley Hill Martial Arts Club performed an impressive display for Sainsbury’s Dunstable in aid of Sport┬áRelief on 18th March 2016. They showed shoppers and parents their skills in self-defence, pad work and performed their blocking kata. The children proved to be so good that they were invited to do it all again for a second time! Well done to Alessio, Amy, Josh, Judy, Keyaan, Libby, Lorik and Rosy. Osu!



Headteacher for the Day

Emer won the chance to be head teacher for the day and did an outstanding job of organising the Academy for a day last term. She sat in Mr Smith’s office all day ensuring the smooth running of the Academy. Emer took part in assembly awarding children with certificates and awards etc.
Well done Emer did an amazing job as Headteacher.



Visit to All Saints Academy


During the visit to All Saints Academy sports afternoon, the children took part in all different activities. Firstly they practised different passes in Basketball. They got into pairs for this and then they ran with the ball in and out of the cones and took a shot at the end. Most of the children scored at the end, which they were very proud of.

The second activity was chair volleyball. They sat on a chair, with 3 chairs either side of the net volleying the ball backwards and forwards. They seemed to really enjoy this, as the rules of the game said that they were not allowed to move off their chairs. The adults joined in with some of the activities too.

Then to finish off with a game of football made the afternoon. The bigger children were fantastic with the little ones and helped them if they fell over and even let them score. The look on the little ones faces was a picture.

Finally at the end of the afternoon, each child was presented with a medal and could not believe that they got one.

It was a great afternoon and lovely getting them all together.