Our Learning – Science

Gardening Club

Gardening club is a fun and active way to learn about the outdoor world and is a great way to encourage the children to start gardening in school. At Ardley Hill we run gardening club on a Wednesday lunchtime during the Autumn and Summer term. Children have opportunities to develop skills and ideas by growing flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs. We are hoping this will inspire the children to learn more about science, maths and other areas of the curriculum using the outdoor learning environment. We are also working towards Dunstable in Bloom award and encouraging the rest of the school to join us.

Gardening pics


Crime Lab Club

In the Spring Term, year 3 and 4 children could attend a weekly Crime Lab after school club. They blew fingerprints up, played detectives, casted their thumbs, identified prints and much more… It looked great fun to become a forensic investigator!

Crime Lab



Class Trees

Every class has its own tree planted in the school ground by the children in September 2014. Children regularly visit the trees to observe seasonal changes, sort, identify, compare the trees with one another and develop their describing skills. Some classes made sketches of their tree, wrote poems about them and even measured the trees to create graphs with their data.




Our Pond

We are very lucky to have a pond in our environmental area. We are currently working hard to make it welcoming for the wild life and an inspiring area for the children.

Watch this space!





At Christmas, the whole school set a challenge for the holiday! What Science is happening in your home this Christmas? The work the children presented in January was astonishing! It exceeded all our expectations and made it hard for the teachers to choose one winner per class!

From dissolving candy canes in different liquids to burning alcohol on the Christmas pudding, from observing the reflection of the light on the Christmas decorations to playing with the shadows of the toys Father Christmas kindly brought! This project seemed to have capture the whole family’s interest and brought everybody together in the festive season!

Every winner received a science goodie bag with everything to make their own slime at home! Congratulations!



xmas poems

Brazil Aus Winners


Science Week

The last week of the Spring Term was Science week. Children had numerous opportunities to develop their scientific knowledge and skills.  Pupils created wormery, made lava lamp, explored their 5 senses, melted chocolate, dissected lambs’ hearts, scrutinised real Moon rocks and much more!

The week culminated with our very first Science Fayre where parents and carers were invited to join in for some Science Fun and delicious cakes! We were delighted to see how enthusiastic and knowledgeable children were about their learning! Some real scientists in the making!

Here is some of the feedback we received from parents and carers:

Lovely to spend time at school with my child, seeing what they do! Brilliant idea and lovely cakes too!”

“Very interesting to see the children engrossed in what they were doing, I even learnt something myself!”

“A brilliant fun filled and facts filled afternoon for Mind and stomachs!”

“Absolutely awesome!!! Can see all the children were really enjoying themselves and we did too!”

Science week

Science week 2


Science week 3