Our Learning – English

English Leader – Mrs Edwards

This year our focusses include

  • Developing Accelerated Reader (Years 2 – 6)
  • Engagement and progress of boys within English
  • Raising the attainment and progress of children in UKS2.


Writing Policy

Reading Policy

For information regarding Phonics please see our dedicated Phonics page.

Support for Parents

SPAG Guide – http://www.ardleyhill.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/SPAG-Glossary.pdf
SPAG Book – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Primary-Grammar-Punctuation-Spelling-Dictionary/dp/0192734210/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1493041666&sr=8-1&keywords=oxford+primary+grammar+punctuation+and+spelling+dictionary
Oxford Owl Ebooks – https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/
Reading Spine Book Guide – https://www.scholastic.co.uk/piecorbett/resources
World Book Day Resources – https://www.worldbookday.com/resources/primary/
Pen Pals Handwriting Guide – http://www.cambridge.org/files/7314/9020/2522/PfH_Messages_for_Parents_combined.pdf

Reading Presentation for parents May 2018 –

Reading Ardley Hill Academy 2018

English Presentation for parents March 2017 –

Maths and English evening 2017 presentation

Accelerated Reader

Please see the links below to find out more information and updates about Accelerated Reader.

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AR Ardley Information September 2018


Starting in September 2018 we are officially an Accelerated Reader school! Accelerated Reader is our new reading scheme for books the children read at home (and in school!) Your child can read ANY type of book or text in addition to Accelerated Reader books but they will only be able to take part in a quiz on their Accelerated Reader book. Every child from 4+ – Year 6 has a Reading Record. This is for writing in EVERY TIME they read at home or school. For every 10 entries (can be several pages, a chapter or a whole book!) in their reading record the children are awarded a physical prize and a Dojo point!
Reading doesn’t always have to be a book. Your child can read comics, child friendly newspapers like First News, magazines, poetry, online texts, ebooks, a menu, signposts – reading is everywhere!
Hidden inside some reading books are some cheeky Dojo Monsters! If you discover one while reading please take it to your teacher, summarise the story so far and you will be awarded Dojo points.
We have Reading Hubs in 4+ and KS1 and a Pre Loved Library at Ardley! To promote and further encourage reading we have installed our own Reading Hubs and Pre Loved Library for the children to use at break and lunch times as well as during lessons. We have a dedicated team of child Library Leaders who work together to create activities and competitions in the library. The library is based on trust and is open after school for parents and carers to access with your children too. All book donations are welcome in the school office.
At Ardley it’s important to us to model what we expect from the children therefore each staff member has their own ‘Currently Reading’ poster on their area door to show the children the texts they are reading too.
At least once a term the Academy holds a peer reading session where the children swap classes and read with their peers. The children absolutely love the chance to share books with others and use their own reading skills to support each other. It has proved a great way of developing children’s love of reading and friendship.
Autumn Term – Christmas Jumper Day peer reading. Children bring in their favourite Christmas related story to share.
Spring Term – World Book Day peer reading. Children bring in a book by their favourite author to share.
Summer Term – Peer Reading Picnic. Children bring in a book about a topic they’ve enjoyed learning about this academic year to share outside in the sun!


Since September 2018 we have been successfully using a moderation and assessment tool called ‘No More Marking’ which uses comparative judgements of writing.

Every child from Year 1 to Year 6 has a special ‘Best Piece of Work’. This piece is focused on writing but can be written work from English, Extended writing, Science, Topic, R.E or any subject! The writing is photocopied, laminated and always accessible. The best piece is chosen by the teacher and the child to celebrate their understanding, presentation, handwriting and any focused targets the child may have achieved. Every time a child completes written work they are encouraged to ‘beat’ their best piece.

With the support of our school Governor, Andrew, the children in KS2 have Pen Pals in America that they have been writing to and skyping this year. The children have absolutely loved receiving their letters and have worked hard to write detailed letters back. We are always on the lookout for new schools and countries to write to so please let us know if you have any contacts.
Writing at Ardley is cross curricular not just in English lessons. Topics are used to enthuse the children and units of work are taught to allow children to build up the skills and SPAG needed for different writing genres. Final pieces of writing are presented beautifully in topic books and are pieces the children are proud of.


Writing is embedded in our P.E and R.E. subjects as well as within our creative curriculum.Drama and performance is large part of the Primary National Curriculum. Each class across the school has a dedicated ‘Role Play’ area. These are used to engage children with speaking and listening skills, encourage writing for purpose and often ‘Hot Seating’ drama activities.

Handwriting and Presentation

Since September 2018 we have been using the Oxford University Press Pen Pals Handwriting Scheme. This involves a handwriting gym where children in every year group practise full body movements to support the fine motor skills needed for writing. The interactive scheme visually demonstrates letter formation and joins before allowing the children to practise the handwriting for themselves.


We are currently reviewing our Handwriting and Presentation guidelines for staff and children and have some exciting new rewards coming up!

Monthly Writing Competition

At Ardley Hill Academy we hold a ‘Monthly Writing Competition’ where children are given a visual starting point for their writing. They can use the given image to write non-fiction, fiction or poetry. The winner is awarded their own special writing notebook and 50 Dojo points! We have had some outstanding pieces of writing through this competition and it’s great to see so many children across the Academy taking part. Look out for the competitions on our school Newsletter, Facebook Page and around the Academy.

Trips and Visitors

In addition to our exciting year group topic related trips we also have lots of English related trips and visitors. Look out for details throughout the year via weekly email letters and our school Facebook Page. If you have any suggestions for trips or visitors to promote English please contact the school office.

Previous trips and visitors include;
June/July 2018 – Year 2 – Year 6 visit Dunstable Library
May 2018 – M&M Theatre Production of The Secret Garden for the whole school
May 2018 – Polly Ho-Yen Author visit and workshops for KS2
February 2018 – Kate Williams Poet and workshops for Preschool, 4+ and KS1
June 2017 – Gillian Overitt Author assembly and book signing whole school
April 2017 – Sue Batten Author and workshops for KS1
March 2017 – Josh Lacey Author assembly and book signing whole school and KS2 workshops and interviews.
Other Events and Competitions
Roald Dahl Day – 13th September every each we celebrate one of the most famous author’s birthdays. Look out for letters in your weekly emails.
National Poetry Day – 4th October 2018. Look out for letters in your weekly emails.
World Book Day – 7th March 2019. Look out for letters in your weekly emails.
Young Writers – The whole school have previously taken part in the Young Writers competition and we have had a large number of our children’s writing and poetry published. Look out for more details about our next event in partnership with Young Writers.
Debate Club – A child led club run by children in Year 6 after school once a week.
Usborne Sponsored Read and Listen – Raised £960 to spend on new books in 2017. Look out for our next event in 2018-2019.
Get Caught Reading – Prizes were awarded for the most creative places children were caught reading in 2017-2018.
Scholastic and Book People Book Fairs – We have both the half price and 75% off book fairs visit school at least twice a year usually in December and July.


Other Events