Wales and Ireland – 4+

Thank you for taking the time to visit our page and it is with great pleasure that we welcome your children into the 4+.

The children will be learning through play through each of the different areas, it nurtures their development, encourages communication skills and encourages them to solve simple problems. Children can be spontaneous and encourage them to be independent learners.

Class List



Adam, Roxanne, Michael, Anabelle, Tyren, Marshall, Jessica, Haris, Eloise-Savannah, Oscar, Betsy, Buddy, Bradley, Ben, Jude, Andra-Maria, Teal, Louie, Amari-Mai, Alyssa-Grace, Brandon, Ewan, Ralphie, Leo, Vindhya Ruby, Iesha, Plamena and Sophie.

Eliza, Roisin, Mason, Travis, Loris, Oscar, Chloe, Raniyah, Daisy-Mae, Isla, Scarlett-An, Ashford, Gabriella, Zac, Jayden, Annabel, Lewis, Lovelle, Maciej, Frankie, Arianna, Zara, Travis, Noah, Harry, Dylan, Cerys, Victor, Yaseen and Penny.


Wow, we have reached the 2nd half of the Summer for this year. The children have achieved so much already this year. The children will be having lots of fun this half term as they learn about Superheroes.

Swimming on Tuesday’s
Ireland and Wales are looking forward to having swimming this term every Tuesday.  Don’t forget to bring a swimming costume and flip flops in a named carrier bag. Thank you to the parents offering to help as it wouldn’t be possible without you.

Show and Tell on Friday’s
It would be great if the items to be brought in for Show and Tell are related to our topic of Superheroes. This is a suggestion of the items to bring –

8th June – Supertato – Share your favourite vegetable
15th June – Who is your favourite Superhero picture/model/character?
22nd June – Share something you are really good at – medal, photo, certificate,
29th June – Share some sentence of your news from the weekend
6th July – Make a Superhero Mask
13th July – Share something with the class you’ve enjoyed over the time in 4+
20th July – bring in a cuddly toy for a picnic

Transition into Year 1
The children will have the opportunity to visit their new Year 1 classrooms to see the layout, where the drawers and toilets are. They will attend Assembly with the other children every day in the hall and be practicing how to do a tie ready for the change of uniform.

In literacy this half term we will be continuing with a guided reading session once a week. This is where the key skills of reading are taught. The children will begin by learning about the title, front and back cover, learning to read from left to right etc. They will then be taking it in turns to read a page of the book in a small group. They will be encouraged to talk about what happens in the story or what information they have found and will talk about the main characters. We will use story maps to sequence the stories we read together. We aim to listen to the children read at least once per week and change their reading books on Mondays and Thursday. The children are remembering to get their own reading book out in preparation for Year 1.

Thank you for listening to your child read at home. We are sure that it is sometimes difficult to find the time and that it is tricky if your child is especially tired but experience has shown that generally a child who is supported in their reading at home makes greater progress and is more confident in their reading. Children are loving their prizes once they’ve read 10 times and it has been noticed with some children’s progress.

The children will be using the graphemes and high frequency words they have learnt so far in Phonics for there focused activities such as writing a letter to Superhero to come to their rescue, making a wanted poster for a villain, designing and labeling their Superhero.

We will be exploring 3D shapes by making Superhero dens out of them. We will be solving mathematical problems of having, doubling and halving. We will be using words associated with adding and taking away through the use of practical resources such as Numicon. Alongside this we will be encouraging the children to think of their own ways of recording their mathematical thinking through the use of pictures, numbers and symbols.

Understanding the World:
The children will have a go at designing their own superhero scene using an interactive superhero PowerPoint background on the interactive whiteboard. Children will be able to draw superhero pictures and write stories using the 2paint programme. We will continue to use IPads to play Phonics Play and ICT games to link in with the topic and the children’s interests.

Learning Journey’s
We hope you are enjoying their observations from Tapestry of their learning at school. Don’t forget to add your observations from home as we love to read and share them with the class. At the end of the year their Learning Journal will be sent to you as a PDF via email. If there are any problems accessing this please speak to your class teacher.

Thank you once again to lots of parents who have written their child’s name in their clothing! It helps us no end when getting changed for PE or looking for a lost jumper for example.


Curriculum Overview for EYFS



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Thanks for your continuing support.