Wales and Ireland – 4+

Welcome Back
We hope you all had a lovely Christmas break and enjoyed completing your Science experiment homework. We thoroughly enjoyed looking at the different experiments with your photos, pictures and seeing what you have learnt.

Class List



Thomas, Tate, William, Kyron, Charlie, George, Niamh, Orla, Kayden, Hollie, Lucy, Elea, Millie, Olivia, Zayda, Anita, Leo, Rita, Sofia, Luke, James, Tristan, Aniyah-Lei, Rebecca, Daria, Lexi-May, Ciaran, Ethan, Sullivan and Tommy.


Theo, Remi, Scarlet, Elise, Tayana, Leo, Jacob, Maisie, Mia, Blake, Jack, Lexi, Amelia, Isla, Oscar, Sienna, Luca, Rocco, Spencer, Bella, Anthony, Harley, Elwood, Maya, Anoushka, Tudor, Freya, Maria, Ellis and Esme.


Food Glorious Food

In this term children will have the opportunity to learn about different food from other countries, where food grows and how we get food onto our tables. They will be growing cress and beans and completing a diary to watch the different stages of growth.

Don’t forget your named water bottle and your healthy snack of fruit or vegetables, plain biscuits, plain popcorn or bread sticks.

Show and Tell
During this term the children can share their favorite fruit or vegetable, their favorite book about food or a souvenir from a place you’ve visited. The books that we will be covering within the class are; Jack and The Beanstalk, The Little Red Hen, The Giant Jam Sandwich and Handa’s Surprise.

If there is room! Phonics –

Children have daily phonic sessions and these are the phonemes learnt from phase 2 Letters and Sounds National Curriculum so far:

s, a, t, p

i, n, m, d

g, o, c, k,

ck, e, u, r

h, l, b, f,

ff, ss, ll,

 Some sounds for example ff, ss, ll, ck are called digraphs which are 2 letters that make one sound.

The following website: Sounds of the English Phonic Code  is available to help you and your child to pronounce them correctly.

Have fun, spotting phonemes around you!

Every week we will read with all of the children on Monday’s. Please try to share the book daily with your child. Repeated reading may seem repetitious to adults but it can help to improve a child’s confidence and fluency.  Encourage them to use the sounds learnt from phonics to help the children to blend CVC words e.g. hat, pin, Dad and pig. Please share and then record any comments in the ‘Go Home Reading Record.’ We really encourage reading at home, reading for 10 minutes daily is the fastest way to help your child progress.

We look forward to seeing you all,
Mrs Baldwin, (Early Years Leader and Class Teacher) Miss Baker, Mrs Denham (Class Teachers)
Mrs Cowley, Mrs Hubbock and Miss Scott (Teaching Assistants)





Please ensure that your child has the correct named kit kept in school. The school policy states children are not allowed to wear earrings during P.E. and should either be removed before attending school or alternatively your child can remove it themselves before the lesson. If your child decides to do this they are responsible for their items and no responsibility will be held by the adults if anything goes missing.


Your child will be given a reading book and a record to bring home. He/she will get the opportunity to change their reading book twice a week. Please listen to your child read as often as possible and record any comments in the reading record. We really encourage reading at home and reading for 10 minutes daily is the fastest way to help your child progress.
We have lots of exciting activities planned for the children and can’t wait to get started. We aim to make your time memorable, exciting and fun.
Mrs Baldwin, Miss Baker, Mrs Denham, Mrs Hubbock, Mrs.Cowley and Ms Scott (pm).



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