Wales and Ireland – 4+

Thank you for taking the time to visit our page and it is with great pleasure that we welcome your children into the 4+.


The children will be learning through play through each of the different areas, it nurtures their development, encourages communication skills and encourages them to solve simple problems. Children can be spontaneous and encourage them to be independent learners. The areas that we focus on are Communication and Language, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Physical Development, Expressive Arts and Design and Understanding the World.


Mrs R Baldwin
Miss P Baker
Mrs A Cowley
Miss G Scott
Mrs K Hubbock

Wales Class

Jessica, Emilia, Nathan, Kayden, Alaia-Rose, Evelyn, Ethan, Valentina, Oscar, Isla, Mason, Jason, Zachary, Kaydie-Marie, Ronnie, Dexter, Rhys, Mila, Grace, Siana-Rae, Annie, Ronela, Ruby, Amelia, Emma, Heidi, Laicee, Mylo, Riley & Lucy.

Ireland Class

Evie, Alfie, Dylan, Tegan, Gracie-Belle, Jenson, Rosie, Lacie- Mai, Leah, Sebastian, Lucas, Alfie, Grace, Jayla, Daniel, Laura, Elliott, Maddox, Harrison, Nathan, Clara, Charlie, Katie, Adam, Amelia, Charlie, Poppy-May, Freya, Ty & Ney.

A very BIG Thank you –

We are totally blown away by all of the help and support in enabling the outdoor learning area to look as amazing as possible. We couldn’t have done it without all of your hard work. Thank you so much you have all been incredibly generous for the donations we have received.

Thanks for your continuing support.

Snack and Water bottle

Your child will need a healthy snack and named water bottle every day. Children are able to bring in a bottle of juice/carton that they can have with lunch.


PE –

Children will need to come into school’s on a Tuesday for our PE day. The school policy states children are not allowed to wear earrings during P.E and should either be removed before attending school or alternatively your child can remove it themselves before the lesson. If your child decides to do this they are responsible for their items and no responsibility will be held by the adults if anything goes missing.


Phonics –

These are the groups for Phase 3 Letters and Sounds which we will be covering with your children, her is a list of the order that we will be covering them.

Group 6 – j v w x

Set 7 – y z zz qu

Group 8 – ch sh th ng

Group 9 – Ai ee igh oa

Group 10 – ar or ur ow

Group 11 – oi ear air ure er

Reading –

Your child will be given a reading book and a record to bring home. He/she will get the opportunity to change their reading book twice a week on a Monday and Thursday. Please listen to your child read as often as possible and record any comments in the reading record. We really encourage reading at home and reading for 10 minutes daily is the fastest way to help your child progress. Once they’ve read 10 times they will be able to choose a prize.


Don’t forget to upload your photos and observations of children’s learning as you may win our £10 WH Smith voucher. Every time an observation is completed and uploaded your child’s name goes into the raffle. Mr Smith will pull out a name to win the voucher.


Every Friday the children have the opportunity to share something from home to encourage speaking and listening skills. The list of items to bring in to share with others are as follows –

2nd Nov- Jack and the Beanstalk-

Growing, could bring in flowers or pictures of things you have grown at home

9th November- The Gingerbread Man-

bring your favourite cake/biscuit or picture/photo in to show us and talk about how they are made

16th November- The Little Red Hen-

Show us a picture of your favourite farm animal and tell us why it is your favourite.

23rd November- The Enormous Turnip-

bring in something enormous!

30th November- 3 Little Pigs-

bring in a textured material to discuss how it feels/what it is used for

7th December- 3 Billy Goats Gruff-

Make a troll mask and show us!

14th December- Christmas

Bring/share something that you do at Christmas


Please regularly check the website for information and don’t forget to look out for Twitter updates.





We have lots of exciting activities planned for the children and can’t wait to get started. We aim to make your time memorable, exciting and fun.


Please can you check your child’s uniform, as every week we still have uniform that isn’t named. Water bottles are to be picked up every Friday which will enable you to wash them out properly ready for the week. Don’t forget to bring them back in on Monday’s. It is important to ensure children are drinking water throughout the day to carry nutrients to our cells and control our body temperature. Research suggests hydrated children perform better in school.


Mrs. Baldwin, Miss Baker, Mrs Hubbock, Mrs.Cowley and Miss Scott