Wales and Ireland – 4+

Thank you for taking the time to visit our page and it is with great pleasure that we welcome your children into the 4+.

The children will be learning through play through each of the different areas, it nurtures their development, encourages communication skills and encourages them to solve simple problems. Children can be spontaneous and encourage them to be independent learners.

Class List



Adam, Roxanne, Michael, Anabelle, Tyren, Marshall, Jessica, Haris, Eloise-Savannah, Oscar, Betsy, Buddy, Bradley, Ben, Jude, Andra-Maria, Teal, Louie, Amari-Mai, Alyssa-Grace, Brandon, Ewan, Ralphie, Leo, Vindhya Shrey, Iesha, Plamena, Sophie and Gabrielle.

Eliza, Roisin, Mason, Travis, Loris, Oscar, Chloe, Raniyah, Daisy-Mae, Isla, Scarlett-An, Ashford, Gabriella, Zac, Jayden, Annabel, Lewis, Lovelle, Maciej, Frankie, Arianna, Zara, Travis, Noah, Harry, Dylan, Cerys, Victor, Yaseen and Penny.



Phonics –
We are going to cover phase 3 phonics Letters and Sounds with your children, here is a list of the order that we will look at them.

group 6 j, v, w, x,
group7 y, z, zz, qu
group 8 ch, sh th ng
group 9 ai ee igh oa
group 10 oo ar or ur ow
group 11 oi ear air ure er

Why don’t you make words using the phonemes above? Why don’t you have them on your fridge and read them when you go past?

This is a helpful video to encourage children how to hold a pencil in tripod grip – Teach Handwriting

Show and Tell

Every Friday the children will have the opportunity to bring something relating to the topic ‘Around the World.’ They are encouraged to share and talk about their object to the class. This helps them to strengthen children’s communication skills and help them to feel comfortable talking to their peers. They will begin to use descriptive words, full sentence, thoughts and emotions.

05/01/18 – something from Christmas to share
12/01/18- a postcard or make a postcard
19/01/18 – a holiday photograph
26/01/18 – bring in a souvenir from somewhere you’ve visited
02/02/18 – make a poster of numbers ‘Around the World’
09/02/18 – share some writing that you’ve completed at home

Around the World
This term we are finding our about different countries, looking at the climate, what they like to eat and famous buildings they have. We will have the opportunity to learn about the different cultures, traditions and customs for each country.

We are looking forward to visiting as many countries as possible; we will be making passports and allowing the children to experience visiting an airport and trying as many different foods. If anyone has any visited any countries that would like to share their experience with the children that would be fantastic; just let us know.

Helpful websites the children can use at home to extend their learning –

Teach your monster to read

Education City

Oxford Owl

Top Marks


Phonics Play


Light and Dark
This term we are learning about light and dark, they will have the opportunity to explore light sources, experimenting with shadows, and investigating what we can see in the dark. Our weekly books will link into the topic and these will include – Owl Babies, Can’t You Sleep Little Bear, Owl who was Afraid of the Dark, Oscr and the Moth, I want my Light On! Nativity Story and Father Christmas.

Here’s what you can do at home,
You can look at books about light and dark, or experiment with torches, shadows or build a dark den or learn about nocturnal animals, here is a useful website you can visit to support your child’s learning –

Exploring light sources Science clips

Snack and Water Bottle

Your child will need a healthy snack and named water bottle every day.

Gallery 1 Gallery 2


Please ensure that your child has the correct named kit kept in school. The school policy states children are not allowed to wear earrings during P.E. and should either be removed before attending school or alternatively your child can remove it themselves before the lesson. If your child decides to do this they are responsible for their items and no responsibility will be held by the adults if anything goes missing.


Your child will be given a reading book and a record to bring home. He/she will get the opportunity to change their reading book twice a week on a Monday and Thursday. Please listen to your child read as often as possible and record any comments in the reading record. We really encourage reading at home and reading for 10 minutes daily is the fastest way to help your child progress.


We have lots of exciting activities planned for the children and can’t wait to get started. We aim to make your time memorable, exciting and fun.

Mrs. Baldwin, Miss Baker, Mrs Hubbock, Mrs.Cowley and Miss Scott

Sept 17 Staff


EYFS Curriculum Overview All Around the World 2018