Portugal – Year 1

Welcome to Portugal Class!

My name is Mr. Hodges. I will be your teacher this year and Mrs Tofts will be our teaching assistant. We are really looking forward to getting to know you all.
We hope that you have had a lovely summer holiday and are ready to do all the fun things we have planned for the autumn term!

Here is some useful information to help you settle in to Year 1, if you have any questions please ask any of us at the end of the school day and we will be happy to help you.

Class List

Oliver, Finley, Isabelle, Mollie, Issy, Rio, Eve, Shelby, Ashleigh, Christian, Ethan, Callum, Kalim, Myles, Theo, Darcie, Poppy, Alessia, Tiernan, Jake, Riley, Jacob, Logan, Jack, Louis, Isabella, Kerem, Jade, Callum and Ethan.


We will not be swimming until the summer term. During the summer term, we will be using the pool every Monday afternoon.

Please make sure you bring: Swimming costume (no bikinis), Towel, Hat (if hair is long, girls and boys), flip flops (or other shoes) to walk to the pool and a plastic bag to store wet clothing. Please note your child will not need goggles.




Please find details of the correct uniform here:

Please ensure that all your child’s clothes are named.


Children will be given a reading book to share at home. Children can change their book any afternoon if they wish. They may choose to read the book for a second night and play word hunting games. Reading the same book twice may seem repetitious to adults but it can help improve your child’s confidence and fluency. Please try to share the book daily with your child. Encourage them to read what they can. This will vary from child to child. Some may be ready to read aloud with little assistance while others may be reading just some words or noticing familiar graphemes (a letter or group of letters making a particular sound). Please share and then record any comments in the “Go Home Reading Record” they will receive. There are lists of sounds and questions modelled in the reading record for you to use when working with your child. We really encourage reading at home, reading for 10 minutes daily is the fastest way to help your child progress. If your child reads three or more times a week they will be given a reading reward in class.

Even if your child reads out loud to you while you are doing jobs around the house etc, it will still be really beneficial for their development. Thank you for your support in this area


Homework is given on a fortnightly basis and will start on Friday 16th September. We will be giving you more information on this when your child brings home their homework book on the above date.


P.E. will be on a Tuesday and a Wednesday. Please ensure that your child has the correct named kit, including trainers, kept in school.

The correct kit is described here.


Your child will need a healthy snack in a sandwich bag to have during morning play outdoors, any pots must have names on if you wish them to be kept.

Your child will also need a named water bottle which is kept in the classroom and refilled daily.


Show & Tell

We have ‘show and tell’ sessions every afternoon. Please check the table below for the day in which your child may bring in an item to show. They will be allowed to show their item, talk about it for a few minutes and answer three questions on their item.
In Year 1, your child can bring in items related to our topic for the term, a souvenir of a special event or visit or a favourite book.
Monday: Oliver, Finley, Isabelle, Jake, Issy B, Rio.
Tuesday: Eve, Jacob, Ashleigh, Christian, Ethan G, Callum C.
Wednesday: Kalim, Myles, Theo, Darcie, Poppy, Alessia.
Thursday: Tiernan, Riley, Shelby, Logan, Jack, Mollie
Friday: Louis, Isabella, Kerem, Jade, Callum E, Ethan D.
Thank you for your support with your child’s education. I look forward to working with you soon.

Mr. Hodges
Portugal Class teacher