Norway – Year 1

Welcome to Norway Class!

Welcome to Norway Class! We have had a busy year! Here is some useful information, if you have any questions please ask any of us at the end of the school day and we will be happy to help you.


Class List

Lewis, Oliver, Mia, Maggie, Benny, Ellie, Rohan, Tommy, Brodey, Hannah, Carson, Ashlee, Isla, Jasmine, Edie, Evie, Nirzari, Rosie, Ellie, Djamel, Tyler, Cayden, Summer, Alexandru, Sophie, Rosie, Lola, Jazmin, Lola and Shai.


Children will be given a reading book to share at home. Children can change their book any afternoon if they wish. They may choose to read the book for a second night and play word hunting games. Repeated reading may seem repetitious to adults but it can help improve a child’s confidence and fluency. Please try to share the book daily with your child. Encourage them to read what they can. This will vary from child to child. Some may be ready to read aloud with little assistance while others may be reading just some words or noticing familiar graphemes (a letter or group of letters making a particular sound). Please share and then record any comments in the “Go Home Reading Record” they will receive. There are lists of sounds and questions modelled in the reading record for you to use when working with your child. We really encourage reading at home, reading for 10 minutes daily is the fastest way to help your child progress. If your child reads 3 or more times a week they will be given a reading reward in class.
Homework is given as a grid of tasks that can be completed over a half term.



P.E. will be on a Monday. Please ensure that your child has the correct named kit, including trainers or plimsols, kept in school.
Your child will continue to need a named water bottle which is kept in the classroom and refilled daily.
Your child will need a healthy snack in a sandwich bag to have during morning play outdoors, any pots must have names on if you wish them to be kept. Just to remind you a healthy snack is fruit, vegetables, plain biscuits, plain popcorn or breadsticks, if you send any other snack in your child will not be allowed to eat it in school, it will be sent home with them and an alternative snack will be offered to your child.



We have swimming on a Friday morning.

Your child will need: Swimming costume (no bikinis), towel, hat or hair tied back (if hair is long, girls and boys), flip flops (or other shoes) to walk to the pool and a plastic bag to store wet clothing. No goggles.

Show & Tell


We have ‘show and tell’ every afternoon. Please check the table below for the day in which your child may bring in an item to show. In Year 1 children can bring in items related to our topic for the term, a souvenir of a special event or visit or a favourite book. This term’s topic will be revealed in our first week back in school.

show and tell aug 16

Morning and After School routines:


Morning routine:
The gate opens from 8:35-8:45 am and there are always 2 members of staff on duty to ensure their safety. If you arrive later than this please go straight to the office.
The children will put away their belongings once their teacher collects them from the playground at 8:45 am.

After school:
The school day finishes at 3:30 pm. Please wait outside Norway class. The main gates to the playground are opened at 3:20 pm. To help your child, please try to wait in the same place each day so that the adults can direct them to you quickly. If your child is being collected by someone different from usual then please let the office know on the day, before 3:20 pm if possible.

We look forward to meeting you all!

Mrs Henderson (Class Teacher) Mrs Purton (Teaching Assistant)
Miss Machin (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs Maynard (Learning Support Assistant)

Mrs Bates (Midday supervisor)

Mrs Sturdee (Teacher – Monday afternoon)


Our topic for the summer term is Take a Walk on the Wildside, we now have a jungle that continues to grow in our classroom! We have made minibeasts out of fruit and playdough and painted pebbles to look like ladybirds. We have been on a minibeast hunt around the school grounds. We have learnt about rainforests and the creatures and people that live in them. We are looking forward to our fantastic finish on 11th July when we will meet some real creatures.


Healthy Eating Week

Each class made something that could be put into a healthy lunchbox. We enjoyed making Hummus for the parents to taste in our hummus and red pepper pockets.
Here is the recipe:

400g can chickpeas,
1 lemon,
1 clove of garlic,
3 – 4 15ml spoons water.
Method: Drain the chickpeas, blend with the juice of the lemon, crushed garlic and water.

healthy eating