Norway – Year 1

Welcome to Norway Class!
My name is Miss Worrall and I will be your class teacher this year. The other adults who will support our learning in Norway Class will be Mrs Purton (Teaching Assistant) and Mrs Sturdee (Teacher on Wednesdays). We are looking forward to getting to know you all and the exciting year we have ahead. Here is some information to help you settle into Norway Class. If you have any questions please ask us at the end of the school day, and we will be happy to help.


Class List

Blake, Luke, Millie, Elwood, James, Thomas, Jacob, Maya, Isla, Rebecca, Scarlet-Maire, Sienna, Sullivan, Tayana, Theo, Kayden, Charlie, Kyron, Lexi-May, Rita, Leo, Elea, Hollie, George, Rocco, Esme, Olivia, Calan, Freya and Luca.

Morning and After School routines:

Morning routine:
The school gate opens from 8:35-8:45am for children to enter the playground. There are always two members of staff on duty to ensure the children’s safety. If you arrive later than this please go straight to the office. The children will put away their belongings once their class teacher has collected them from the playground at 8:45am.

After school:
The school day finishes at 3:30pm and the main gates to the playground are opened at 3:20pm. Please wait outside Norway Class to collect your child. To help your child, it is useful to wait in the same place each day as this enables us to direct your child to you quickly. If your child is being collected by someone different than usual you must let the office know on the day, before 3:20pm if possible.

Reading and Homework

Children will be given a reading book to share at home. Children can change their book any afternoon if they wish, however they may also choose to reread a book for a second night. Repeated reading can help to improve a child’s confidence and fluency. Please try to share a book daily with your child, and encourage them to read regularly. Reading for at least 10 minutes a day is a great way to help your child progress. Please share any comments about your child’s reading in the “Go Home Reading Record” they will receive. There are lists of sounds and questions in the reading record for you to use when reading with your child.
Homework is given as a grid of tasks for your child to complete over the course of a half term.


Norway Class will have two P.E. lessons a week. These will be on a Monday morning and a Wednesday afternoon. These are both scheduled as indoor lessons but, depending on the weather, we may have some P.E. lessons outdoors. Please ensure that your child has a complete, P.E. kit to be left in school. Tracksuit bottoms and sweatshirt are optional but outdoor P.E. will be happening more. We will also be having swimming lessons during the year, and we will inform you of Norway’s swimming dates in due course.
P.E. kit list
• Named white t-shirt
• Named black shorts
• Named plimsols or trainers
• Named black jogging bottoms
• Named black sweater

Please name all your children’s clothes.

Show & Tell

Norway will be having a Show and Tell session on a Friday afternoon. The children will be told of a particular theme of that week’s Show and Tell which will be linked to the current Topic we are learning about.