Italy – Year 2

Italy are one of two Year 2 classes in Ardley Hill Academy. We work closely with all of Key Stage 1 and even do the same exciting topics!

In Italy we are very independent and enjoy challenging ourselves. We also work in small guided groups to make sure that we are learning all the important information that we need!

We love learning and have lots of lovely resources to help us! Have a look at our pictures to see some of the different parts of Italy!

Class List

Brooke, Matteo, Owen, Brandon, Jahkill, Jake, Bonito, Aiden, Neve, Matilda, Emily, Ruby Mae, Laurina, Judyta, Lacey, Jodie, Jese-Mai, Macy, Eden, Chloe, Lucy, Aayushi, Olivia, Cleo, Lewis, Kai, Aron, Chloe and Divya.


Italy Class and Key Stage 1 had another strange visitor this term! A pirate called Captain Bones arrived at Ardley Hill looking for his ship and crew. We decided to help him by finding out as much as we could about pirates and the oceans.
We have learnt about the different oceans and continents, created artwork based on sea creatures and mermaids, made our own pirate hats and found out how pirates could stay healthy by eating a balanced diet!

Here are some pictures of our learning!

Pirates 16

In the Autumn Term, Italy Class had a special visitor – Brown Paper Bear! He had a book all about him and the different toys that children would have played with in the past. We found out about old and new toys and how they work. We carried out push and pull experiments, created our own games and even visited the British Schools Museum in Hitchin to find out about schools, toys and games that were played with in Victorian times!

Toys 1 Mar 16 Toys 3 Mar 16 Toys 4 Mar 16 Toys 5 Mar 16

Ardley Hill also dressed up as characters from Roald Dahl books to raise money for Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity. We looked at his stories and raised £241.60!



Dahl Mar 16 Dahl 2 Mar 16


Here is Italy Class visiting our class tree! It is a Rowan tree and was planted in September 2014. We visit it regularly to see how it has changed throughout the seasons.


Tree Mar 16

In Spring Term, Italy Class had a surprise when two knights appeared in the Academy, looking for Princess Penelope! We have spent the term finding out about knights and castles and how they might be defended. The Blue Knight also left us some eggs to look after – we have been patiently waiting for them to crack but have found out how living things need to be cared for in preparation! A visit from the birds of prey at the English School of Falconry also gave us more information about jobs children would have undertaken in Medieval Times.

Knights 1 Mar 16 Knights 2 Mar 16 Knights 3 Mar 16

This term, Key Stage 1 have been finding out about superheroes and super humans after reading a story about a superhero! The children have created comic strips, artwork and puppets in the style of superheroes after looking at the work of Roy Lichtenstein, Picasso and a local artist. They have also found out about real life superheroes, Edward Jenner, William Wilberforce and Florence Nightingale as well how plants have super growing powers too.

Here are some pictures of our super work from this term.