China – Year 3


Hello and welcome to China Class,
Last term the children discovered a den on the school field and were excited to find out about Stig a cave man and the Stone Age boy. The children had many opportunities to learn about the lifestyle of the stone age people through to the Iron Age. The children also had a chance to visit Celtic Harmony in Hertfordshire and spent the day as stone age children.

During the Autumn term, the children were initiated to African drumming and demonstrated amazing talent. They finished the term by putting on a performance for their KS2 peers. This term we are looking forward to children participating in Sing Up which will culminate in a dazzling performance at Grove Theatre in the Summer Term.
At Christmas, the children put on a moving performance telling the Christmas story through songs. They really enjoyed being able to show off their singing skills and musical talents to the grown ups who were able to attend. Thank you for your kind donations raised on the day towards our charity ‘Action on Hearing Loss’.
We can’t wait for you to see all the exciting things we have planned for you this term.
Miss Lacroix
I really enjoy teaching Topic as it is so diverse and not one day is the same! I particularly love science lessons and art. It is always rewarding to see children enjoying developing their investigative skills and experimenting to satisfy their curiosity! Being a native French speaker, I love teaching Modern Foreign Languages and whilst we leave the exotic Arabic, German, Italian, Spanish and Mandarin to KS1, I am going to have fun teaching you my own language! Attention, c’est parti! Finally, we have some great swimming planned for the Autumn and Summer terms! I have a particular interest for that sport and am so thankful to teach in one of the remaining schools which still has a swimming pool! So don’t forget that swimming cap!

Mrs Latif
I enjoy teaching Maths and working to support children in building problem solving skills and setting them fun challenges. I also really enjoy teaching Topic and we have loads of exciting things planned for you this year! We aim to make your time in China class fun and memorable!

Mr Wilby
My name is Mr Wilby and I will be the class teaching assistant for the next year. I have worked with all of your children before as I had the pleasure of working with them in Year 2, I’m very much looking forward to spending another year with them. As well as being a teaching assistant I also am going to university to study to be a teacher, it’s a long process but I’m very excited to start my first year and bring some knowledge from the university to the classroom to help develop your child’s  learning.

Class List

Ben, Lily, Ellie, Charlotte, Olivia, Ava, Thalia, Maya, Seska, Aaron, Maesonn, Dawid, Dorian, Lewis, Harley, David, Isabel, Meadow, James, Amelia, Tashinga, Jayden, Zakiy, Daniel, Ben, Shanay, Ryan, Jack, Rian, Laurent and Amie.

Some tips to make a success of Year 3:

Make sure you practise the weekly spellings and revisit them regularly, it will help develop your writing skills and make your stories even more enjoyable to read!

Learning your times tables is also crucial, it will ensure that you become efficient at maths!

In Year 3, we are learning about lots of different counting strategies so knowing your times tables in and out will certainly give you a strong foundation for your number work! Good luck!

Teaching Assistants:
Mr Wilby and Miss Turiano 1:1 (a.m)



Your child will be given a reading book and a record to bring home. He/she will get the opportunity to change their reading book on a daily basis. Please listen to your child read as often as possible and record any comments in the reading record. We really encourage reading at home and reading for 10 minutes daily is the fastest way to help your child progress.


Homework is given on a weekly basis and will usually be given on a Friday and expected back in school for the following Wednesday. We aim to alternate between English and Maths based homework. The children will also have spellings in their homework books weekly to practise and learn. During half term holidays a topic based homework will also be set to link in with your child’s current learning. The children will be able to access the VLE and Education City through their personal login details which will be stuck in their homework books, which your child will be sent home with shortly.


P.E. will be on a Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure that your child has the correct named kit, including trainers, kept in school. The school policy states children are not allowed to wear earrings during P.E and should either be removed before attending school or alternatively your child can remove it themselves before the lesson. If your child decides to do this they are responsible for their items and no responsibility will be held by the adults if anything goes missing.
Your child will continue to need a named water bottle which will be kept in the classroom and refilled daily.


The children will be swimming first half term back. Please ensure your child has a swimming costume/shorts, a towel and flip flops every Wednesday.


In Year 3 your child will begin to learn the recorder. Recorder books can be bought from the school office for £1.00. Your child will need their recorder in school every Tuesday and will be encouraged to practise at home too.


Your child will need a healthy snack to have during morning play outdoors, any pots must have names on if you wish them to be kept.


Recent Events


Year 3 started their summer term with an exciting workshop on World War II provided by One Creative. The children shared what they already knew about the war and what they would like to learn about. They learnt lots of new vocabulary e.g. evacuee, blitz, allies etc. and different events of the war through drama.
They took part in a quiz and learnt lots of facts. The children were most shocked to learn that around 60 million people died during the war (3% of the world’s population). Many children remarked ‘How is that even possible?’ Through drama they imagined they were child evacuees and went on to write a letter to their parents about their experience.

Since then they have learnt lots about children’s experiences through the war. They learnt about how everyone had to carry gas masks in case gas was used by the Germans. The children made gas masks and practised using them during an air raid siren.

gas masks


They also learnt about the London blitz and created empathetic London skylines.

blitz art

Whilst learning about rationing and the need for people to ‘Grow their own’ the children made and tried Carrot Cookies.