Maldives – Year 4

Hello and welcome to Maldives class 2018-2019!
My name is Mr Russell and I am really excited to be joining Ardley Hill Academy this September. I will be joined in year 4 by Mrs Brooke and we are both looking forward to having a memorable year with you. We have lots of exciting things planned throughout the terms so please check back on this page for updates and photographs on all the things we are doing. You can also check out our learning every week on our class Twitter page @ArdleyMaldives.

Class List

Matilda, Ellie-Rose, Jase, Chloe, Harvey, Jake, Aidan, Erin, Macy, Jese-Mai, Oliver, Ashton, Laurina, Summer-Louise, Owen Riley, Harvey, Ruby, Lewis, George, Eleanor, Owen, Maria-Natalia, Rosie May, Emily, Alexander, Brooke, Matteo, Kenzie, Austin, Zephan & Cristina.

Home Learning

Children will be set a “Homework Bingo” grid every half term which covers a range of subjects. We would like the children to complete as many of the challenges as they can before bringing their hard work back in to showcase it to the rest of the class. This is the perfect opportunity to be awarded housepoints and Dojo points!

A reading record will also be given to your child which needs to be filled in whenever they have read to you at home, independently or during school. It is encouraged that the children read their school book as often as they can but they may also want to read other reading material they have e.g. magazines, newspapers or comics etc.

In mathematics, children must start to gain a fluency in their multiplication tables up to the 12 times table. Constant practice and revision of these tables is very important so that children are able to see the link with division and become competent in solving mathematical problems.


Children need the following for their P.E. lessons:

Indoor kit
Named plimsolls/trainers
Named white t-shirt
Named black shorts

Outdoor kit
Named black jumper (preferably with Ardley Hill logo)
Named black tracksuit bottoms
Named trainers (preferably old as they will become muddy)

Swimming costume (no bikinis)
Towel, Hat (if hair is long, girls and boys)
Flip flops (or other shoes) to walk to the pool
Plastic bag to store wet clothing.

You will be informed shortly about the days our class will have its P.E and swimming lessons.

Additional Learning

We will be doing a lot of creative and sometimes messy learning so it may be useful to have an old named t-shirt/shirt that can be worn over a uniform to save any accidents! Each child will need a named water bottle that will be kept in the classroom and refilled daily. Children may also need a healthy snack brought in a sandwich bag or named container to have during morning break.
We hope your time in year 4 is exciting, memorable and enjoyable! Myself and Mrs Brooke look forward to seeing you in September.

Mr Russell (Class teacher) and Mrs Brooke (Teaching assistant).