Bolivia – Year 6

Welcome to Bolivia Class. We hope you have had a lovely summer holiday and are ready to do all the fun things we have planned! I am Mrs Eely and you will also have Miss Coleman and Miss Buttigieg working with you this year.
Here is some useful information to help you settle into Year 6.

Class List

Taylor, Lily, Drew, Chloe, Ella, Xavyer, Harry, Luke, Diyar, Eris, Chloe, Luke, Libby, Lewis, Tyler, Joe, Kalila, Phoebe, Ella-Grace, Neda, David and Chiara.


Homework and Diaries

You will all be given a homework diary at the start of the year – look after it! Maths and English homework will be given weekly and there will be a half termly topic project too. As you are now in Year 6 it is up to you to record your homework and plan your time carefully to make sure it is completed on time. You will be expected to have your homework diary in school with you every day.

P.E. and Swimming Kit

Your kit remains the same; black shorts, white t-shirt, suitable footwear and an Ardley Hill tracksuit. We will have PE on a Monday and Thursday, though this may sometimes change so it will be important that you have your kit in school with you.
Please also make sure you have a named water bottle.

Other Information

We are continuing with our reading journal so make sure that you have a reading book in school with you at all times.
Also, make sure you bring your locker key to school with you every day. Your coat and bag should be placed in your locker at the start of the day.
If you walk to school on your own or with friends you can bring a mobile phone with you. This must be turned off at the beginning of the school day and left in your locker until 3:30 pm.
Remember to bring a healthy snack for morning break. this could be a piece of fruit, vegetable sticks or a plain biscuit. And don’t forget your named water bottle.

What We Will Be Doing?

This half term Year 6 will be learning about the ancient Shang Dynasty of China. This topic will take us back thousands of years to a time that was almost forgotten. We will see what we can uncover from the fascinating artefacts left behind by the people who lived so long ago and learn about the important discoveries the people of Shang Dynasty China made.

Useful website for maths: MyMaths
Website for Education City: EducationCity