Belgium – Year 2

Belgian flag






Hello and welcome to Belgium Class!

Working with your children are Mrs Trevor, Mrs Head and Mrs Green. The children will also have P.E. with Mrs Sivewright. We will deliver a fun, creative and engaging curriculum. We know your children will learn so much so be prepared to accept you not so little children will dazzle you with new knowledge!

Please request to follow our Twitter Page @BelgiumArdley for photo updates and notices.

Should you wish to speak to any of us, drop us an email or ask to speak to us after school.


Class List

Anthony, Blake, Woody, James, Leo, Tristan, Esme, Harley, Rita, Scarlet, Theo, Kyron, William, Luca, Maria, Leo, Tate, Charlie, Lexi-May, Rocco, Maisie, Elise, Tayana, Bella, Sienna, Millie, Olivia, Maya, Zayda, Aniyah-Lei & Alesia.

Your teachers:

Mrs Trevor- Mon, Tues, Weds

Mrs Head- Thurs and Fri

Year 2 Teaching Assistant- Mrs Green



We have recently changed Ardley Hill Academy’s homework policy. Once a half term your child will get a new ‘Bingo Board’ stuck in their books. The children can choose what activities they would like to do and can repeat some of their favourite activities. We would like to see some evidence of what you have done where possible – photos, drawings, diary entries etc. We would also like to make sure children are still working on their key English and Mathematical skills too. Please continue reading with your children and accessing Education City as much as possible. The log in details are stuck on the inside of your child’s book. You will also find some key spellings and times tables. We hope these new activities will be more accessible for you at home and hope the children will be inspired to do more learning in their home environment.


Belgium Class are highly congratulated and rewarded for their amount of reading at home and progress made in class. All children are encouraged to read every day at home and bring their reading book in regularly for it to be changed.

We would like your children to access a range of literature and genres so please encourage your children to read other materials – not just their reading book. For example – magazines, road names, shopping lists, recipes, ingredients, posters and more. Record any reading they have done in their ‘go home’ reading records and Mrs Green will jot down how many times your child has read.

Children who read 10 times get a prize and get a place on our reward chart.

Below are the interim framework criteria for reading. Children who are to receive ‘expected’ are to show they can do all of the points below.

If the children are working at ‘greater depth’ they need to show they can do all of the points for ‘expected’ and ‘greater depth’.

Don’t panic! Your children are exposed to this criteria in fun and friendly ways. We only ask that you encourage your children to explore reading by reading, listening, looking, questioning and sharing as much as possible. Leave the rest to us!


We encourage a lot of practical maths in Belgium class. We have a huge amount of resources to help the children engage with and learn new maths skills.
By the end of year 2 children should be secure in their number bonds to 20, applying these to different maths skills. They should also know their 2,5 and 10 times tables at random. Year 2 children are also expected to understand other maths facts such as doubles and halves of numbers to 20 and odd and even numbers. Other skills we teach include telling time to 5 minutes, adding and subtracting money, identify and knowing the properties of 2d and 3d shapes and much more! Below is the assessment guidelines we currently use for children to achieve the expected standard in maths.
Please engage in some maths activities with your children to help build their confidence.

Expected standard

Expected standard2


Children in Belgium class will receive 2 skills lessons and one extended writing lesson a week. In the extended writing lesson the children are encouraged to apply what they have learnt in the skills lessons earlier in the week. This is a popular lesson for the children. We play soft music, turn the lights down, work quietly and have atmospheric lighting. The children are well celebrated every lesson with dojos, house points, secret certificate and the ultimate treat… a scented sticker! Your child may have brought home a note saying how well they have done. We encourage the children to try and ‘beat’ their last piece of work.

Below are the requirements to achieve the expected standard and working at a greater depth. If your child would like to participate in any writing at home please encourage this- writing a shopping list, thank you cards, labelling items around the house with post- its, writing stories, invitations to a party, Christmas cards etc!


Year 1 & 2 Whizz, Wham, Whoosh Topic – Autumn Term

Important Events:


Class Leader:







Children can bring in 1 extra snack for break time. This is to be a healthy snack and grapes or olives must be cut in half.

Recent Events

The children have recently learned about Belgium, eaten Belgian food, explored the French language and a world map.

So far in our Whizz Wham Whoosh topic we have made our own superhero role play and enjoyed a visit from Captain Fantastic! We have learned about real historic super heroes like Florence Nightingale, William Wilberforce and Edward Jenner. We are currently writing our own superhero stories with animals as the main hero!  Photos of our lessons on our Twitter page.

Belgium class have also visited our class tree- it is a pear tree! It had pears ready to pick and eat!